Locker Facilities

  • Lockers are available for rental by members only.
  • Do not leave valuables in the lockers. TEJESH is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
  • Perishable food or other products (including flammable products and hazardous items) are not to be stored in the lockers.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining the lockers and keeping them free of waste and odours. Any damage to the lockers will be the responsibility of the Member.
  • TEJESH reserves the right to open the locker (without any liability to TEJESH) and inspect the locker if there is justifiable cause such as but not limited to: odours, leakage or any occurrence which may indicate a safety or health hazard.
  • In the event that locker fees are not paid when due or if the locker has been deemed to be abandoned, then TEJESH reserves the right without liability, to cut the lock and remove all personal affects from the locker. The contents of the locker will be stored for a period of one (1) week after which, the contents will be disposed of.